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Steve Liddell

 “Working with children is always challenging, and the media regularly reminds us of this. The impact that a passionate teacher can have on the lives of Australia’s youth can’t be underestimated. Teachers have the opportunity to spark an interest in the sciences, technology, engineering & maths, and provide a base for Australia to grow into the educated and well-informed nation that we all want it to be.”

Steven Liddell is a passionate science educator that has a remarkable ability to communicate science to people of all ages. As a high school science and maths teacher, Steve developed a student-centred learning approach now taught through “Street Science” that engages and inspires kids to foster a love of learning.  

Steve develops high-energy live science shows that have headlined Australia’s largest science festivals including Sydney Science Festival, National Science Week events and Science Alive! He has also presented at World Science Festival in New York, sharing the stage with some of the worlds’ best science communicators. Street Science impacts well over 120,000 people each year and encourages all students to study science through the senior years and onto university.

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Friday, November 23